Che Sudaka (CO/AR)




Three years have passed since the release of „Hoy“, the latest studio-album of Che Sudaka, which has consolidated the group as an indisputable reference of Cumbia-Ska-Punk worldwide. In the midst of the celebration of the bands 15th anniversary, the four brothers from Argentina and Colombia announce the release of their 7th official studio-album for November 10, 2017. The album-title probably characterizes Che Sudakas essence better than any other: “Almas Rebeldes” (in English: „Rebellious Souls“). “This title is a greeting to all the souls who rebel against the feeling of impotence … and who struggle to keep thinking and feeling that we all are just one – despite the madness in which society has been transformed today !!!” (Che Sudaka)

Formed in 2002 at the Mediterranian seaport Barcelona, Che Sudaka today is known as a flagship group of Mestizo Music around the globe and is considered one of the most energetic live-acts of the last decade. Its expressive sociocritical lyrics pull down any ideological or physical frontier and defend human coexistence against political and media division: a coherent speech that makes the band stand out from the crowd. Che Sudaka has become the figurehead both of an attitude towards life and of a counterculture, the living link of a planetary family.

The four musicians, formerly illegal immigrants on the streets of Barcelona, were invited to festivals in forty five countries and by now have played around one and a half thousand concerts all over the five continents. Their musical roots are to be found in South American popular culture and in legendary bands like The Clash, Mano Negra and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Overflowing energy on stage is their trademark.

“Almas Rebeldes” reflects 100% the search for a very own authentic and recognizable sound: mixing Latin American folklore with Jamaican rhythms, punk attitude and the electronic tools of a sound system. The album will light up every dance floor and, at the same time, reflects on the state of the world and the human being… Che Sudaka remains true to its motto “Bailar pensando!” („dance thinking“) and spreads with its songs not only fiesta popular but also social awareness and solidarity attitude around the world. Che Sudaka is a band with a mission, a band that sees itself as a medium for collective awareness. Their music is a weapon in a non-violent struggle for a caring society. Music becomes a means to an end, the most universally understood language for their messages.

Fifteen years of Che Sudaka are fifteen years of a constant (r)evolution of thoughts and feelings, a positive and collective energy, a global movement increasingly joined by rebellious souls. And this new album is the soundtrack of their lives!


Sergio Adrian Morales Cleves (COL)                  Accordion, Samplers, Vocals

Leonardo Gabriel „Leo” Fernández (ARG)            Vocals, Spanish Guitar

Marcos Alejandro „Kacha” Fernández (ARG)        Vocals

John Jairo „Jota” Pineda Castro (COL)                Guitars, Vocals


Che Sudaka Live at Woodstock Poland 2016

Che Sudaka Live at Sziget Festival 2015, Hungary

Videoclip „Al sistema no le conviene“ 2016



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